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I write crime/thriller/mystery/suspense novels.

Life is short - Enjoy life.

I write so that you can have a good read; that's all I hope for. Some of my writing is here to read and download for free. 

LATEST NEWS - My new thriller SARCOPHAGUS  is now published. 

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Here's the story:

'British Army bomb disposal expert Greg Stevens is reunited with old friend Sean O'Neill, a US Homeland security operative  when they join forces to combat powerful Ukrainian Mafioso  oligarch Bogdan Katchenko - and corrupt politicians - to stop a 9/11 PLUS terrorist attack'. 

Conflicting forces put their friendship under extreme strain. What comes first - your country; or you and your family's lives?'

A thriller about torn loyalties, political corruption, corporate greed and rediscovering love.

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'Is it a Flying Pig or a Zeppelin?'  

'The Zeppelin of Kinver Edge' is now available as a photo illustrated short story booklet and ebook. 

In 1916 bombs dropped on England; read my fictional account of young Harry Foley's terror and his ultimate life triumph.

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My first crime novel features tough but vulnerable DCI Matt Proctor in TOO SMART TO DIE  

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Here's the story:

Cop Matt Proctor, investigating a gruesome murder, is charged with drug dealing corruption and kicked out of the police. He fights to clear his name while hunting down a cyberworld cult that brings killing from computer gaming to the streets - who target Proctor and stalk his daughter Sarah as their next victims.

He also has relationship issues with police colleague Inspector Azzra Mukherjee...

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Crime novel  'IN IT FOR THE MONEY'  is the sequel to 'TOO SMART TO DIE' once again featuring Birmingham based DCI Matt Proctor, whose murder investigations take him into the deadly world of sport's spot-fixing gambling syndicates. 

'IN IT FOR THE MONEY' is deadly topical! 

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